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PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES   For each service, an intake session allows me to collect information about presenting issues and the referral question. Together, we define the goals you want to achieve for yourself, your child and/or the family. 


Psycho-Educational Assessment


"Why is my adolescent struggling in school?"  

"What can I do to help my child achieve grade level expectations?"

"Could a mental health problem be the root cause of his learning problem?"


Cognitive and academic testing ascertains a student's learning profile, including strengths and areas of need. It identifies factors affecting school performance and can provide diagnoses useful for educational planning.


Possible diagnoses (amongst others) include:

|ADHD | Intellectual Disability | Specific Learning Disorder | Non-Verbal Learning Disability |

Individual Therapy


"I'm feeling down and could use someone to talk to."  

"How do I help my child (spouse, teenager) who is worried about everything?"


In individual therapy, the client works with me in one-to-one sessions, typically meeting once per week or biweekly for a period of time until we resolve a mental health problem or psychological disorder.


Possible diagnoses (amongst others) include:

|Depression | Social Anxiety Disorder | Separation Anxiety | Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder | Obessive-Compulsive Disorder |


Family Therapy & Counselling


Each family is its own social system, having a structure with members relating in a typical pattern. Family therapy helps members improve communication and resolve conflicts.


Children, adolescents and families may benefit from professional help to cope with everyday problems or life transitions. In counselling sessions, stress-management techniques and meditation exercises can be useful.


|loss of loved one | adjusting to body changes | creating balance | dealing with separation/divorce | creating peer relationships | conflict resolution| behaviour management |

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